Find an Auckland Wedding Celebrant For Your Special Day

My name is John O’Leary. I am a registered wedding celebrant, and I’ll help make your wedding day a magnificent experience for you and your family and friends.

Phone me for a no-obligation, free wedding ceremony consultation on ‪09 886-9861

During our phone conversation, I can help you find out where to start, and what to do to ensure your wedding day is a magnificent experience for you and all your attendees.

In this free wedding ceremony consultation, we will discuss your ideas for your special day, and I’ll be able to provide guidance and support to help make your day unforgettable.

There is no obligation for you to use me as your celebrant after the phone conversation. We will simply talk to find out what exactly you want out of your wedding day, and then figure out if I can help you.

There is no cost for my advice.

Phone me for a no-obligation, free wedding ceremony consultation on ‪09 886-9861

Remember – even if you decide not the use my services, you’ll get some valuable advice and guidance by phoning me.

Here’s How I Can Help You:

  • Provide guidance and support during the preparation and & ceremony: This might only be your first or second wedding, but I’ve seen many. I’ll use my experience to help make your wedding unforgettable. I’ll help you find out where to start, and what to do.
  • Tailor the ceremony to you as a couple: You are different from everyone else, and your wedding ceremony should be as well. I’ll sit with you to work out a customized wedding ceremony – intimate, extravagant or anything in between.
  • Provide vow ideas or pre-written vows: During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your vows, and I can give you ideas, or you can simply choose some of my pre-written vows.
  • Develop a wedding ceremony script: I’ll provide you with a draft version of the wedding ceremony script well in advance of your wedding day, to ensure that there are no surprises on the day.
  • Marriage license and registration: Of course, the most important part is getting you married! As a New Zealand registered celebrant, I’ll help sort out all the required documentation and ensure that everything is properly registered.

Phone me for a no-obligation, free wedding ceremony consultation on ‪09 886-9861

Choosing a wedding celebrant

Choosing the right celebrant for your wedding is one of the most important choices you are going to make when planning your wedding.

Here’s why: When you choose a wedding celebrant, you are choosing the person that will be in charge of orchestrating your wedding ceremony and ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly.

This is a big responsibility, and this means that you need someone that you can trust.

That’s why, when you contact me, and before we do anything else, we’ll set-up a free, no-obligations meeting (at your place, or my place, or anywhere else) so that we can discuss your exact requirements.

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, and can meet you anywhere in or around Auckland. If you are unsure about whether I cover your area, please call me to double check.

Phone me for a no-obligation, free wedding ceremony consultation on ‪09 886-9861

Our first meeting

This meeting is, firstly, for you to meet me, and for you to get a feel about whether you are comfortable with me. As your wedding celebrant, you need to be able to trust me.

Secondly, this initial meeting is also to get an idea of exactly what you require from me. You’ll get the opportunity to tell me exactly what you want from your wedding ceremony. We’ll work on creating an unique wedding ceremony, reflective of your unique personality.

Thirdly, during this meeting I can also answer any questions you have about your wedding ceremony. This gives you the opportunity to get free advice, tips and help from an experienced wedding celebrant, at no cost to you.

Like I said, this initial meeting is free, and you are under no obligations to use my services. We’ll get the opportunity to meet each other, discuss your wedding plans, and you’ll get some free advice and tips to help make your wedding day a big success.

Phone me for a no-obligation, free wedding ceremony consultation on ‪09 886-9861

Your next step – Set up a free appointment

All you need to do is give me a call on 09 886-9861, and we can set-up our meeting. Alternatively, enter your information below, and I’ll give you a call.

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