Let’s Make Some Great Memories At Your Anniversary Or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Anniversaries are a great opportunity to celebrate your life together.

They are also a great opportunity to get your family together, document some of your family’s stories, and build memories that will last forever.

But, planning an anniversary ceremony can be difficult and stress-inducing, especially if you haven’t done it before.

That’s where I come in.

As a registered anniversary celebrant, I can help make the occasion special by designing a personalised celebration ceremony that you’ll remember for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a formal Vows Renewal Ceremony, or just a less formal Anniversary Ceremony, I can help you design an unique ceremony according to your exact requirements.

I take my job as anniversary celebrant very seriously, because I believe it is my responsibility to give you and your family great memories that they’ll remember with fondness for the rest of their lives.

That’s why, when you contact me, and before we do anything else, we’ll set-up a free, no-obligations meeting (at your place, or my place, or anywhere else) so that we can discuss your exact requirements.

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, and can meet you anywhere in or around Auckland. If you are unsure about whether I cover your area, please call me to double check.

Our first meeting

This meeting is, firstly, for you to meet me, and for you to get a feel about whether you are comfortable with me. As your Anniversary of Vow Renewal Ceremony celebrant, you need to be able to trust me.

Secondly, this initial meeting is also to get an idea of exactly what you require from me. You’ll get the opportunity to tell me exactly what you want from your ceremony. We’ll work on creating an unique ceremony, reflective of your unique personality.

Thirdly, during this meeting I can also answer any questions you have about your ceremony. This gives you the opportunity to get free advice, tips and help from an experienced celebrant, at no cost to you.

Like I said, this initial meeting is free, and you are under no obligations to use my services. We’ll get the opportunity to meet each other, discuss your plans, and you’ll get some free advice and tips to help make your Anniversary or Vow Renewal Ceremony a big success.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Needs